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  • By: MWMG
    Date: 07/25/2019
    Views: 26
    Radio Host and owner of Follow Your Dreams Daycare Palace showcased on MakeSomethingHappenTV. Hear her story and you will understand her glory. A life of service to others Lady Gilmore takes us from her childhood to the hood to womanhood and servanthoo...
    • By: MWMG
      Date: 07/14/2019
      Views: 28
      While on vacation our host, Audrey Wiggins, had the rare opportunity to interview Riley Perez. His book, What Is Real: The Life and Crimes of Darnell Riley explores the nine years he spent in the custody of California’s Department of Corrections and Re...
      • By: MWMG
        Date: 07/01/2019
        Views: 1
        Christian Television Show where viewers phone, or email in their questions, and a panel of pastors from various churches & ministries answer them from a biblical perspective. Hosted by Bishop M.L. Rodgers. © 2019 Christ Kingdom Ministries All Rights Re...
        • By: MWMG
          Date: 06/10/2019
          Views: 4
          A Christian television program hosted by Bishop M.L. Rodgers, originally airing on CTN. Some queestions include the back sliden Christian, preaching style, loving through hurt, what race is God.
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