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  • By: MWMG
    Date: 03/22/2019
    MWMG.TV's movie channel brings a variety of independent programming of different genres and subjects. It also includes reviews of up and coming producers.

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    • By: MWMG
      Date: 06/19/2019
      Views: 60
      The Cleveland Cinema Czar showcases on Make Something Happen TV with host Audrey Wiggins. Mr. Alex Michaels of Prelude2Cinema updates us about what is going on the Cleveland moive scene as well as his latest projects.
      • By: MWMG
        Date: 03/29/2019
        Views: 14
        IFS reviews a feature film by Visually Hidden. They did a nice job with this film. It is a nice thriller.submit your films to follow us on and on twitter
        • By: MWMG
          Date: 03/29/2019
          Views: 4
          the hosts get wasted while watching 99 bottles of beer. Speech got slurred and the room started to spin but besides that the film was really good. check it out here our sponsor insignia-graphics.commusic...
          • By: MWMG
            Date: 03/27/2019
            Views: 10
            Comedian Jay Stevens keeps it real with his sketch comedy with short scenes going out to dinner, or not, going to church, relationships. We invite you to Laugh till it Hurts.

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