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  • By: MWMG
    Date: 08/01/2019
    Views: 53
    The Thick Fit Chick, Dionne Jones, educates viewers on what Cannabidiol (CBD), or rich hemp oil, is really all about. With the Farm Bill passed in all 50 states there is a lot to learn about the benefits and various uses of CBD. Follow Dionne on Instag...
    • By: MWMG
      Date: 06/20/2019
      Views: 116
      This weeks show explains my personal journey into The Sandwich Generation, the impact of an aging society and solutions both from a personal and societal standpoint. Dionne DJ Jones, The Thick Fit Chick. Owner of Full Circle Fitness. On demand on www.m...
      • By: MWMG
        Date: 05/23/2019
        Views: 7
        Dionne Jones aka The Thick Fit Chick, introduces Lauren Heyman, owner of Hair Beware Wax Studio.
        • By: MWMG
          Date: 05/02/2019
          Views: 28
          The Thick Fit Chick answers several questions from how do you get a flat tummy to breathing and working out at work in the morning. Watch and learn. Don't forget to share and register.
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